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F is for Fragile Skin: Anti-Aging Options for Allergic and Reactive Complexions

Afraid to use anti-aging skincare on your super-sensitive, eczema or psoriasis troubled skin? Cliniderm sensitive-skin care could be your complexion's BFF
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Does your sensitive, allergic or reactive skin shriek at the very idea of anti-aging skincare? Has rosacea or eczema made you give up on reducing too-early signs of aging? Hold up.

5 things you need to know:

1) When it comes to anti-aging ingredients, skin-smoothers and wrinkle reducers such as alpha hydroxy acid (glycolic), beta hydroxy acid (salicylic) and retinoic acid (retinol, or tretinoin) turn back the clock by causing skin some kind of irritation to spark new cell production. They work on a controlled wound-heal principle. Sorry, but they're not for you.

2) But peptides are different -- they can stimulate our cellular repair process without first irritating the skin. Peptides are your anti-aging heroes.

3) Matrixyl is a brand name for a popular, proven-effective peptide complex. SYNiorage is another.

4) Dyes, fragrance and protein substances are three things your sensitive skin shuns.

5) Cliniderm Irritant-Free Skincare could be what you're looking for.

Made by Canadian company Canderm (recently purchased by Sanofi-Pasteur, a major pharmaceutical company), Cliniderm is designed to be gentle to the most delicate skin. Dye- and perfume-free, the lineup, which ranges from eye makeup remover to shampoo and conditioner to one of my favourite daily sunscreens, is also free of lanolin, parabens, and proteins.  It's also a trusted brand dermatologists recommend to patients who can't use standard skincare.

So, anti-aging? Cliniderm Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Anti-Wrinkle Cream contain peptides to lessen the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Yup, Matrixyl and SYNiorage (this one apparently improves skin elasticity).

Cliniderm Anti-Wrinkle care

Cliniderm Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream ($29) is a 6-per cent peptide formula, with 5 per cent Matrixyl and 1 per cent SYNiorage.

Cliniderm Anti-Wrinkle Cream ($50) is a 7-per cent formula, with 5 per cent Matrixyl and 2 per cent SYNiorage. (More details on ingredients on

And you don't have to take my word on any of this. You can ask your dermatologist.

So hope in a jar, right?

Cliniderm is available at drugstores, pharmacies and