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Cranky Beauty Pants: Why the Red Face, JLo? Oh, Sorry -- Pink. And Green.

Jennifer Lopez_too much makeup

When has a reality TV show ever given beauty geeks more than "American Idol" has in the last two weeks?

"Survivor"? Certainly not - those people don't even appear to be particularly clean. I've always wondered about underarm and leg hair regrowth on the women, but I digress.

Did you see Jennifer Lopez on "Idol" last night?

Oh. My. God.

If you looked in the mirror at some point yesterday and noticed your blush was mysteriously missing from your face, it's because it found its way onto JLo's. She was wearing all the blush in the world. At the same time. There was none left for the rest of us.

Regarding her eyeshadow, Kermit said it best: it's not easy being green.