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Video How-To: Fill In Thin Brows

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How to fill in sparse

Yes, I'm augmenting my slight brows in the back of a cab in the Spring 2011 issue of The Kit. Yep, like it's a normal day, except for the film crew of two jammed into the Premier Taxi with me. Staff wanted to come, but she couldn't fit into the trunk.

To show you a few extra brow-how details, I've enlisted the help of the lovely Angelina (below). Her brows are less arched than mine are, a nice alternative if you prefer a softer shape.

where to arch your

If your brows are as sparse as mine, you'll have to create a shape to fill in.

First, figure out where your arch should be. There's a whole perfect-beauty-proportions explanation around angling a chopstick or pencil or thin brush handle from against the edge of your nose as per the photo above, but whatever. The important thing is having the peak of your arch (not peek!) hit just above the outer edge of your pupil. Thank you Angie, for being the perfect model of brow arch.

Now the second segment of Angie's brow, between the 2nd and 3rd lines? That's where you want to start sketching in your arch, along the top of your brow hair to where your brow ends. If your brow's a bit short, extend it so it's in line with the outer corner of your eye. (Kudos to your makeup artist, Angie.)

You may have to stroke powder (or pencil if you prefer) lightly across the top of the first section of your brow to give it more definition. I actually go a smidge above my natural brow line to thicken them up a bit.

You want a fairly straight line along the bottom of the brow, from the inner corner out. No tadpole brows, okay? If your brow isn't already straight along the bottom edge like Angie's, lightly fake it with brow colour. I have to sketch a line across and fill the area in with short, light strokes.

Oh, brow colour? I prefer a shade that matches midtones in the hair.

I admit, brow art is a bit of a gamble in a moving vehicle -- I'm never quite sure of how things are going to turn out. Best example? Truly, the brows I did in a cab enroute to interview Chris Noth!

Now, what can I send Angelina to thank her for her contribution?

Videographers, Amy Gottung and Alex Haythorne; special thanks to Sajid Mughal and Premier Taxi -- and to LH who convinced me to do this how-to in a cab, as I normally do. Check out the newest issue of The Kit here.