Plain Truth: Make Up For Ever's First Unretouched Makeup Ad + a Photo DIY

MAKE-UP-FOREVER_unretouched ad crop

Make Up For Ever says this is the first makeup ad that features zero retouching. (Maybe first in a few decades?) That means no unreal-skin finish, or digital plastic surgery. It's like red-carpet photography, really. Pretty face, good makeup, good angle, decent lighting.

Anyone else feel underwhelmed because it's not a close-up?

Seems like this is an ad aimed at the social media set, for anyone who ever took or will take a self-photo for Facebook or a blog. And I can help you with that!

Most people who are afraid of cameras or of being in photos just don't know how to work their angles or let a flash erase fine lines. If you've ever been in a buddy photo with me, you've had the quick how-to:

1) no, no, don't lean back

2) don't look up at the camera with your face, just with your eyes

3) keep your chin slightly down

4) yes, I know the camera is upside down; smile.

I'm kind of hardcore, but I want you to like yourself in my photos.


My buddy-photo technique works with celebrities, too. Just ask Chris Noth, Leighton Meester and -- does Solange Knowles count? They don't need tips on posing, of course -- they're professionals (Noth is the ultimate, no?).

Take your own "unretouched makeup ad" photo with the help of this step-by-step lesson on how to take your best self portraits.