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Cranky Beauty Pants: Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl's new short hair

2011 will no doubt be remembered as a year of revolution and rebirth. After all, our clamor for glamour has already brought about sweeping changes.

You may recall The Golden Globes earlier this year. We cried out about the injustice of such lovely hair on Christian Bale, and so it was cut in time for the SAG Awards.

Lesbians now have a harder time looking like Justin Bieber (whose cry was that?), and now, dear reader, your cry has been heard.

Well, specifically Kelly Garrett's cry. She asked for Katherine Heigl's hair to be fixed, and so it was. It's like Magic (Cuts).

Note: Katie Heigl may not actually be the new face of Magic Cuts, we're just guessing here.

One question remains.

How do you make a romcom with suburban mom hair?

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