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Leaving on a jet plane for warmer shores? Here's how to get skin ready for its beach reveal, how to maintain its glow on vacation, and how to keep it happy when you get home.
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Vacation-skin prep on Marilyn Denis

With host Marilyn Denis on the set of her live national broadcast, The Marilyn Denis Show.

Yes, I watched Jordan Knight from just a few feet away as he rehearsed on "The Marilyn Denis Show" yesterday. And oh yes, he was pretty great, and looks fantastic, too. But no, I didn't meet him :-(

I did, however, on behalf of The Kit, share tips on getting skin ready for vacation, how to look after it while you're there and what to do when you're back. Two gorgeous ladies, Claudia Greico and Rebecca Perrin, helped me out as models -- thanks so much! The recap is below:

prep the week before your holiday

exfoliate face and body (make sure legs are hair-free).

moisturize generously after your shower. Once skin's dry to the touch, you're ready for self-tanner.

apply self-tanner carefully if you're using regular self-tanner. Apply methodically in smooth even strokes, paying attention to where you put the product so you don't get too much in one area and not enough in another. Gradual self-tanner is more forgiving, but you still want to pay attention to make sure you don't miss any spots. In this video interview with makeup artist Christopher Ardoff, who works with Victoria's Secret, he advises having a friend over to help.

wipe palms with a cleansing wipe after applying tanning lotion, or wash them thoroughly then use a cotton pad to apply a little self tanner to the backs of your hands.

on-vacation skincare

vitamin-c antioxidant serum helps skin resist pigmentation and free-radical damage caused by sun exposure. Skinceuticals C E Ferulic antioxidant serum ($150 via dermatologists, select spas and is the gold standard; Neostrata Vitamin C Concentrate ($36 per jar of 30) comes in travel-friendly capsules. Apply after cleansing, before your moisturizer.

spf 3o and up is best for face and body if you're going someplace where the sun's stronger than in Canada right now. You'll want an SPF 30 for lips, too. Apply sunscreen about 3o minutes before you head out into the sun, set your phone to remind you to reapply every two hours, and apply again immediately after a swim.

post-vacation skincare

moisturize generously You're coming back to a drier climate, so hydrate your skin like it's still winter. After-sun lotions are really soothing as well as super-moisturizing; some have a little tint and a little mica for a shimmering bronze boost. If you want to maintain your vacay colour, keep using your favourite gradual tanner, and remember to exfoliate every few days to keep that colour smooth and even.

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