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Model Video: Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge's Beauty Musts

Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge Chats with BEAUTYGEEKS about her beauty rule and favourite beauty item.
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BEAUTYGEEKS_imabeautygeek.com_Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge in Toronto

Whoa, Staff is disagreeable today, and a tad vocal on her criticism of my videographer skills in this interview re: Victoria's Secret angel Lily Aldridge' beauty musts, starring, of course, gorgeous Lily Aldridge. "What's your focus damage?" Staff wants to know.

Well, unlike the last videographer I had to fire, I at least got a moving picture.

"And what's with the up-and-down body shot? What's that got to do with Lily Aldridge's beauty musts?" Staff harps.

Hey, I was following the bottle of Incredible by Victoria Secret ($55). The new scent made its debut yesterday in NYC, heralded by Adriana Lima, and here in Toronto with Lily Aldridge at the Eaton Centre this morning and Yorkdale at 5 pm.

Inspired by the Incredible bra (from $54 to $58), which Lily cleverly worked into her beauty must-have answer, the floral, fruity scent features notes of bright magnolia, sparkling pear and sandalwood. Perhaps a spritz or two would put Staff in a sweeter mood.

lily aldridge's beauty musts

Did any of Lily Aldridge's beauty musts surprise you?