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Change of Face: Lindsay Lohan's Refresh

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Lindsay Lohan's looking better than she has in a while. I'm not so into that hyper-processed Heidi-Montag blonde, nor the plumped-with-a-syringe lips, but it seems a bit of Botox has helped smooth the bootprint her lifestyle had left on her forehead. And her brows look good.

This shot is from an Extra clip that hit the show's site yesterday, an interview about 24-year-old Lindsay's new efforts to turn her life around.

I don't usually focus on Lindsay's trials and tribulations, so this post may seem like it comes out of nowhere. (Staff's a little surprised, and Pollyanna's concerned I might say something mean.) But there's something about the actress that makes me feel sorry for her and just a little hopeful that this time she'll get further in her quest for life control.

Frankly, I loved Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. Those movies hold up. I kinda hope Lindsay's refresh holds up too. (Well, except for that blonde, despite its expert lowlights.)