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Bye-Bye Blackheads: DIY Pore Strips

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DIY Pore Strips

First, let me warn you: according to a comment on the YouTube page for this vid, this mixture doesn't smell so good. If scent is important to you, better to stick with Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($12.89 at Plus, a Bioré type is easy to throw in your carry-on to use if you get bored on a long flight.

Second, as you'll note soon enough, ripping this stuff off your skin is going to leave a nice red patch. That's a job for La Roche-Posay Cicaplast ($17.27 at, which will calm the inflammation and soothe the sting right quick. You've heard of Cicaplast, yes?

Third, sometimes I wish I were Michelle Phan.

Enough about me: is this something you're likely to try? Okay, back to me: of course I'm going to try this myself!

Thanks for the link-lead, pageslap.