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Workout Wear: What Eva Mendes Puts on Her Face Before She Hits the Gym

What Eva Mendes, Reebok EasyTone spokesperson, wears on her face to work out
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"My family asks me all the time, 'what's the secret?', and I say, don't you think I would tell you?" says actress Eva Mendes. "First of all, if I had the secret, I would use it myself, but there's no secret -- you have to work for it."

The new face of Reebok EasyTone shoes and apparel, Eva is talking about what it takes to look fit and healthy. I interviewed her yesterday afternoon in L.A. for Metro News; stay tuned for that story about her involvement with Reebok EasyTone and her fitness regimen.

So what does the star, who has flawless skin, natch, wear on her face for her workouts? "Dr. Perricone does a No Foundation Foundation, one of my favourite things ever, my can't-live-without product," she told me.

Dr. Perricone No Foundation Foundation ($50 USd) is a tinted SPF 30 moisturizer amped up with dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), which Perricone lauds as an antiaging ingredient that firms, lifts, tightens and smooths out the skin. Also in the mix is Alpha Lipoic Acid for antioxidant protection.

"That's what I wear to the gym or wherever because it's just a tiny bit of coverage, but that's it. No other makeup," says Eva. "I just think it's not appropriate. I mean, if you're running from work or whatever, it's fine, but I say less is more.

"And get that hair outta your face," she adds, quickly piling her long hair on the top of her head. "I do this really unattractive knot all the way up here so it just doesn't mess with me."

Do you wear makeup to work out? Or are you a bare-skin believer? Eva also washes her face right after her workouts; do you?