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Nails Again: Entity One Color Couture Soak-Off Mani

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BEAUTYGEEKS_imabeautygeek.com_Entity manicure by Leanne Colley Tips Nail Bar

This is not an OPI Axxium manicure. Instead, it's an Entity One Color Couture mani, featuring a soak-off gel/polish hybrid similar to Shellac.

How is Entity different from Axxium? It comes in a polish-like bottle and goes on more like polish than gel -- in that way it is similar to Shellac. The end result -- base coat, two coats of colour plus one of top coat -- looks no thicker than nail polish, again more like Shellac than Axxium. And it takes a little less time than Axxium to soak off.

Leeanne Colley, owner of Tips Nail Bar, finds Entity is less finicky to work with than Shellac, which sometimes has wrinkling issues if you're not careful with the application. She also thinks this formula is a tad more durable -- I'll keep you posted on how long it lasts for me. (I get a minimum of 21 days with Axxium, and got 11 with Shellac.)

Unlike Axxium, Entity has a small range of colours, but a more interesting range than Shellac (Gelish appears to have more).This enthusiastic candy red is Entity One Color Couture in Not off the Rack, topped with fine lines of Essie Nail Polish in Blanc and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear Nail Color in Green With Envy.

I'm geeking out over this particular bit of nail art from Leeanne. A "light" version of the half-moon mani, it doesn't visually shorten the nail the way a proper half-moon mani can. And the wee extra swipe of acid green on the pinkie nail is just fun.

Manicure by Leeanne Colley, Tips Nail Bar.