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F is For Foolish: Stupid Things I Buy in Dreary February

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Lanvin flats_FutureBirkinOwner

Every February I lose my mind and buy some seriously stupid stuff.

The weather is at its worst, and although spring fashions are trickling into stores, who wants to stand in a dressing room under vicious lighting? Not me.

So I started buying summer shoes – wildly inappropriate shoes that would, in my winter-damaged mind, magically transport me to a seaside café in the south of France.

Which is how I ended up with white leather, silver trimmed Lanvin flats. Even as I was handing over my credit card, I knew I would never wear them once the snow melted, once my sanity returned. But it was February and they looked so cheery in their hinged blue box. I probably would have been just as happy with the box.

I have worn those shoes precisely twice. Katherine Flemming, associate beauty & fashion ed at Canadian Living Magazine, said nice things, but she is a lovely person incapable of uttering a harsh word, so that doesn’t really count.

But I think those shoes cured me. Now I only buy sunglasses in February. Sunglasses don’t require even taking off your coat, let alone showing pale, un-pedicured feet to the Holts Shoe Dept. (Here, a treat for winter-sad feet at least.) And even at their most expensive, sunglasses are not in the same league as shoes -- weird shoes for a life I do not lead, a personality I do not have.

Rodin Lip Balm

This February, while Janine eyed a luxurious Globetrotter travel vanity case, I got my shopping YA-YAs out with one perfect Rodin Lip Balm ($28) from 6 by Gee Beauty. I'd like to say I'm cured, but February has another 10 days to go.

Am I all alone in this? Have you ever bought anything so patently foolish for way too much money in a fit of mid-winter stupidity?

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