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Cranky Beauty Pants: The Grammy Awards Beauty Review -- The Guys

Bruno Mars_2011 Grammys.jpg

It's safe to assume that sales of gel are up, way up. Looking at you, Bruno Mars.


Also safe to say that the inspiration photo Kevin McHale took to his hair stylist was Harry Connick Jr.

Drake_2011 Grammys.jpg

How about Drake sporting the scruff? Was that to set himself apart from another fresh-faced Canadian boy?

AdamLambert_2011 Grammys.jpg

So, Adam Lambert's hair and makeup: any bets on how long it took to execute?

NicoleKidman_KiethUrban_2011 Grammys.jpg

While Nicole Kidman's hair was lovely, she perhaps should have taken some time to brush husband Keith Urban's hair before they left the house. After all, what's the point in having a husband with long hair if you can't brush each other's hair?

LennyKravitz_2011 Grammys.jpg

Does Lenny Kravitz minus dreads look weird to anyone else? I know he's been The Un-Dread for a while now, but I can't get used to it.

RickyMartin_2011 Grammys.jpg

Ricky Martin: Half tux, half Ice Capades in silver jeggings. Fashion crimes aside, all of the scruff plus gelled up hair sends a mixed message. Oh, wait, I just got it.

So which Grammy-guy look would you pick for your Valentine's Day date tonight?