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Coming Soon: 95% From Natural Origin Lineup from Nivea

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Nivea-pure-and-natural face cream

Guess what? You'll have more "from natural origin" skincare to choose from at your local drugstore soon. This month, the trusty skincare brand of our childhoods is launching -- in Europe -- Nivea Pure & Natural, a range of face and body care that claims a minimum of 95% natural-origin ingredients in each product.

Made without parabens, silicones, colourants and mineral oils, formulas like the day cream, shown above, feature organic aloe vera and argan oil as highlighted ingredients, as well as hydrogenated vegetable oil. Burdock fruit extract is tapped as a collagen booster in an Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream, and chamomile for its calming abilities in a Soothing Day Cream. Jojoba oil (organic), milk and honey pop up in a body moisturizer.

The five per cent that isn't natural? The company says it's a combination of thickeners, preservatives, stablizers and fragrance to maintain product effectiveness and make it nice to use. For more details visit Nivea's UK site.

Watch for the Canadian launch in the next while; my alert came from the gianormous Nivea Visage Pure & Natural face cream I spotted on gianormous billboards in the Metro à Paris.

Staff's a bit gobsmacked. She didn't expect a 95% natural-origin range from a big brand like Nivea. You?

UPDATE: Nivea Pure & Natural face and body care is scheduled to hit shelves this August.