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Size Matters: Crystal Renn Must Be Sick of Being a Poster Child for Not Skinny, But...

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Crystal Renn loses weight_is that OK?

I debated with Staff about posting about this. Sure, I'm a fan of Crystal Renn as an above-average size model who makes gorgeous photos. More accurately, she's a great model who makes everything she wears -- including her body, whatever size it is -- look fantastic.

Crystal Renn for Elle January 2010

I do, however, think the "plus-size" mantle laid on her shoulders by the media and model-watchers is a (pardon the pun) heavy one, whether or not she sought it out. (I'm inclined to think "not," but then, I have Pollyanna living happily in my head.)

Crystal Renn_Vogue Deutsch_Feb 2011

Anyway, Staff thought I should post these photos of Crystal, one from an Elle story from last January and one from the Feb 2011 issue of Vogue Deutsch. Though the model's been downsizing for months, not everyone's seen the results. Staff figures you'll have thoughts.