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Cranky Beauty Pants: SAG Awards Beauty 2011

SAG red-carpet critique: Giuliana Rancic, Kyra Sedgwick, Hilary Swank, January Jones, Angie Harmon, Juliana Margulies, Jenna Fischer, Claire Danes, Hailee Steinfeld, Betty White
SAG Awards 2011

SAG Awards 2011

Does anyone else think that it's ironic that the actor's union is called "SAG," something none of these people knows anything about? Looking at you Nicole Kidman.

Giuliana Rancic 2011 SAG Awards

Giuliana Rancic, 2011 SAG Awards

Smoke in the Nude It all started on the red carpet with E!'s Giuliana Rancic. She wore porn-star smoky eyes with nude lips. The look came from the  E! Live From the Red Carpet by Stila collection and was executed by an E! staff makeup artist. You'd think having a lip that pops is somewhat essential when your job is having people watch you talk. This was sort of like no one bothered to finish her makeup after the eyes were done. Giuliana even remarked that perhaps she should have tried the oh-so-on-trend fuchsia lip that Claire Danes wore.

Kyra Sedgwick 2011 SAG Awards

Kyra Sedgwick, 2011 SAG Awards

Other trend sheep included Mila Kunis, Jayma Mays, Heather Morris, Eva Longoria (hold the Parker), Kyra "I'm biting the hand that feeds me by quitting my TV show" Sedgwick, Julia Stiles and Amy Adams.

Hilary Swank 2011 SAG Awards

Hilary Swank, 2011 SAG Awards

The "nude" on Hilary Swank didn't end at her lips -- it was floor-length full frontal nude-ity with her beige-y gown.

January Jones 2011 SAG Awards

January Jones, 2011 SAG Awards

A few actresses bucked the trend and wore brighter lips, including January Jones (but what. was. with. her. hair?) and Nicole Kidman.

Angie Harmon 2011 SAG Awards pony tail

Angie Harmon, 2011 SAG Awards

Daddy, I Want a Pony The hair trend seemed to be the low pony. We won't talk about Angie Harmon's gown and how many flamingos had to die to make it because this is a beauty blog, but can we talk about her pony? It looked fantastic when she arrived on the red carpet because it was pulled over her shoulder onto her neck, like an upside-down question mark. It set her apart from the other ponies. Can I find a picture of it? No, of course not. By the time she was all the way down the carpet, it was being worn the normal, boring way. Also, what's with the uncovered elastic band? I don't want to see your elastic band! Lock that s**t down by wrapping some hair around it. And wasn't Amy Adams doing that too with her high pony? Good grief. Final Angie Harmon hair crime: auburn roots.

Angie Harmon 2011 SAG Awards

Angie Harmon, 2011 SAG Awards

It's like reverse ombré in that chicken wings are like coq au vin.

Juliana Margulies 2011 SAG Awards

Juliana Margulies, 2011 SAG Awards

Juliana Margulies was also sporting a low pony.

Jenna Fischer 2011 SAG Awards

Jenna Fischer, 2011 SAG Awards

Jenna Fischer's pony may have originated on the Jersey Shore.

nailed at the 2011 sag awards

Claire Danes 2011 SAG Awards

Claire Danes, 2011 SAG Awards

Claire Danes had short red nails. Perhaps a longer nail would work better for her? Her fingernail beds don't seem to be super long -- a shorter nail with deep colour tricky to pull off.

Hailee Steinfeld 2011 SAG Awards

Hailee Steinfeld, 2011 SAG Awards

Hailee Steinfeld, age 14, from True Grit wore a fabulous Prada gown that was completely age appropriate, and paired it with hot pink nails.

Betty White 2011 SAG Awards

Betty White, 2011 SAG Awards

To close, in the words of Ross, Jay Leno's former intern and current E! host, "BTdub" (seriously, who says that?): When planning any event where octogenarians need to come to the stage quickly, consider assigning them good seats when developing your seating plan. How mortifying that they had to play the theme song for Betty White's "Hot in Cleveland" twice.

Most photos sourced from Just Jared. Amazing photo galleries if you want to see more (of course you do).