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Gifted Guidance: Shoppers Drug Mart Can Help Him Give You Good Gift (Truly)

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SPONSOREDBrace yourselves for a life truth: Most men aren't so good at choosing great gifts for their ladies. I recently met a woman whose husband gave her an ironing board as a gift in their first year of marriage. Someone else just told me that she has "several pieces of Sky Mall jewelry to prove the point." And another friend geeked out over a gorgeous Michael Kors watch while shopping with her man, and woke up Christmas morning to a blingtastic Guess version. Oops.

The solution -- along with this great idea -- is an email-able Gift Guide, of course. Right? You know, you make a list of possible prezzies that please, and direct his attention toward it?

Shoppers Drug Mart_Valentines Day wish list gift guide

Well, Shoppers Drug Mart is totally on it, with a smart interactive Valentine's Day Gift Guide of  cosmetics, fragrance, body care, chocolates and other thoughtful ideas to make things super easy even for the most good-gift challenged.

Visit to check off skincare from Lancôme, the Spring makeup collection from Dior, and makeout-proof stains from Benefit, and email him your wish list. And encourage him to peruse the site and wish-list some treats for himself, too. Maybe a bottle of Lacoste Essential eau de toilette spray, a pair of comfycosy Conair Massaging Slippers, or a giftcard for, say, The Keg?

And come Valentine's Day, you'll want to reward him for his sweet success. Don't ask me how; you'll think of something. I'm sure Shoppers Drug Mart can help --