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F is for Fragrance: Perfume is Maybe the Best Room Spray Ever

So what if a fragrance you adore smells not-great on you? It'll smell wonderful in your room. Spritz away.
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My husband likes to use expensive perfume as room spray.

I come home saying "God, it smells lovely in here. What is it?" and he'll point to my bottle of Prada Infusion d'Iris  or (less often) his Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche or Marc Jacobs Bang.

Prada Infusion d'Iris _ Marc Jacobs Bang

Well, they were just sitting there on the bureau.

It's not so weird. The Prada Infusion d'Iris is powdery but never cloying, citrusy but not sharp and really lifts a room out of its winter torpor. Prada must know this, because there's also a stupidly gorgeous Infusion d'Iris scented candle.  Marc Jacobs Bang is all spicy, sexy and woody, like someone lit a fire in the next room. Cozy. I wouldn't want to go any heavier though. (Unless of course you're going for a hardcore boudoir vibe, and then who am I to judge?)


I know it sounds all Marie Antoinette loony and extravagant, but using fragrance as room spray is a rational response to all the overpowering fake stuff sold as "mass" room fragrance (yes, Glade "Angel Whispers," I'm talking to you.)

Repurposing is also the answer when you have unused perfume bottles rattling around in a drawer. Janine, for example, is convinced that most light, citrus fragrances mutate into something tragically fake and vanilla on her. I say just give up and spray it on the bedsheets.

Aloe & Soft Linen Body Room & Linen Spritz

The Body Shop gets it. Their Aloe and Soft Linen Body, Room and Linen Spray is meant for your environment and your skin. And it smells convincingly like line-dried sheets (cotton, sun and flowers) and not like you just used a bottle of fabric softener as your body wash.

Sisley Candle

Luxe French beauty house Sisley knows that their Eau de Campagne fragrance is essential in deepest darkest winter (it smells like an herb garden with the sun beating down on it), so they released a limited edition candle for Christmas. If the candle is sold out, you should just go get the fragrance (available at Holt Renfrew).

Lush Orange Blossom_Gorilla Perfume

New Orange Blossom perfume from Lush is another perfect two-in-one that smells as wonderful sprayed on the bed linens as it does on me -- a riot of blossoms and neroli that conjures summer. And the matte black bottle would look really great in a hyper-modern white bathroom, the kind where you have trouble figuring out how to turn the water on.

Opening photo via Flickr/NathanBranch