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Shelf Presents: essie Nail Polish at Shoppers Drug Mart

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Essie nail polish in Devil's Advocate

essie nail polish in Devil's Advocate makes me happy. Not quite black, I don't think, it has enough pigment to cover perfectly, just for fun, my two-week-old half-moon mani in OPI Axxium Lincoln Park. Striking, yes? #newlove

Essie loves colour

The big news, kids, is that essie will be available at Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada starting next month. Of the 236 shades available at salons, 54 of the most popular will hit your drugstore aisles for your DIY pleasure, at $9.99 each. Nail strengtheners, top and base coats and cuticle treatments are part of the collection, also at $9.99 each, except All in One Base, which is $11.99.

Essie manicure

Note the polish bottles' improved shelf presence. The embossed name still runs down the sides, but now it's also stamped in white on the front. Not much more than that has changed, though, says Essie Weingarten, founder and global creative director. "It's been 29 years and we're still with the same chemist, and manufacturer, and use the same stainless-steel mixing balls we did when we started."

Essie Spring 2011_at Shoppers Drug Mart in FEB

Oh, there are more colours, of course. Although essie retires 24 shades annually, the company releases 36 new shades each year. This Spring intros French Affair, six hues inspired by Essie's appreciation of the South of France, and her "big love affair with L'Oréal," which now owns the brand. Above, left to right: Kisses and Bises, Sand Tropez, and Topless and Barefoot.

Essie Spring 2011_at Shoppers Drug Mart_Feb

Above, left to right: French Affair, Nice is Nice, and Coat Azure. Coming soon is a collection inspired by a safari trip Essie took while she was in South Africa for the World Cup games.

Essie Nudes

"When we talk to people, we notice eyes, hands and shoes. A woman isn't dressed if she has bare nails," says Essie, who sticks to neutrals on her hands because they go with any occasion. She customizes by layering her sheer shades, though -- Sugar Daddy + Limo-Scene, for instance.

Essie nail polish in Bordeaux_Essie Weingarten's winter pedi polish

As for pedis, they're "even more important than manicures -- if the feet hurt, everything hurts." A must every two or three weeks, Essie insists, that's where she goes for colour. Above: Essie's favourite winter-pedi shade, Bordeaux; as the weather warms up she kicks up with Fishnet Stockings, and coral shades. Fun fact: Seal, husband to Heidi Klum, wears Aruba Blue on his toes.


"It's not about the colour of the moment," notes Essie, above right. "If a colour turns you on, that's the one."

Photos snapped on a Fujifilm Finepix F300EXR.