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F is for Forage: DIY Beauty With What's In Your Kitchen

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I'd make my own beauty products with what's in my kitchen all the time if Clive Owen were what's in my kitchen. That said, on behalf of The Kit (, I stopped by the "A Morning" show in Ottawa today to whip up some recipes. Without Clive's help.

The coolest thing about making your own beautifying pastes, scrubs, masks etc. is getting to know what each ingredient can do. For instance:

  • yogurt and milk contain lactic acid, an alphahydroxy acid (AHA) which smooths the skin
  • pumpkin contains enzymes that also function as a gentle exfoliant
  • oatmeal soothes irritated skin
  • lemon juice cuts through grease, so it makes a good toner
  • honey attracts and hangs onto water; it's a great moisturising agent (plus it helps stuff like oatmeal stick to your skin)
  • olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids; it makes for supple skin after a shower, or soft fuller lips (just don't use a chile-infused olive oil or roasted-garlic blend)
  • black tea contains caffeine, a diuretic, which encourages the drainage of excess fluid under skin
  • cocoa powder has antioxidant power
  • coconut oil is loaded with essential fatty acids
  • sugar makes a great, easy manual body scrub particularly because it won't sting the way salt would if it found, say, a paper cut

If you're the loves-cooking type, you'll create some of your own recipes for the sheer fun of it (weird). But if you're more like me, the simpler the bettter: you'll enjoy that many of these ingredients can be used pretty much right out of the fridge. Snap.

I'll link to the broadcast for recipe details as soon as possible.

What's in your kitchen?

UPDATE: a video clip seems inaccessible, but no matter. How great is it that readers are posting their own fave recipes below?? Feel free to share them on The Kit's Facebook page, too!