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Mystery Revisited: Still Can't Say What it Is, But How Does 100,000 Sound?

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UPDATEPouff! There goes another mystery -- by now you know the not-yet-available, can't-tell-you-the-name-of-it is Clairol Nice'n'Easy Color Blend Foam. So what's going on over on Clairol's Facebook page is kind of a big, virtual foam party. (I know, *groan*. That was Staff's contribution. Sheesh.) NOTE: Clairol is giving away 25,000 coupons each day until Friday, starting at noon, and the race to get them is open to the US as well. Move FAST.

Busted Image


SPONSOREDThat's right. 100,000. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Especially if you remember that we’re looking for just five mystery-product reviewers to try a we-can't-tell-you-what-it-is from Clairol and record their experience with a snappy new video came they'll get to keep.

From January 24th to 27th, 2011, 100,000 mystery-related giveaways will be available on Clairol's Facebook page. For your chance to snag one of them for yourself, whip over to FB to declare your Clairol "like" and suss out the deets.

Don't dally -- that's an excellent number of freebies, but they'll go fast. Everyone likes a mystery.

* Applicable to Canadian residents, 18 years and older, excluding Quebec.