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Mysterious Ways: Can't Tell You What it Is, But You Wanna Try It? With Bonus?

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SPONSORED A woman should always have a little mystery about her, or so it's said. Will she, or won't she? Does she, or doesn't she? Well, I did. And I do. I finally committed to hair colour to help vanquish my untidy greys.

So that's a bit of whatever mystery I might have had, gone. No matter. Whether or not we colour our hair isn't important. That we get healthy-looking beautiful results is. Which leads me to another mystery: Want to be a product tester for a coming-soon home haircolour from Clairol?

We're under a strict secrecy decree, so I can't tell you what it is. But a select group of sites, including beautygeeks wants to help five readers try it out themselves before it hits shelves. UPDATE: of course now you now it's Clairol Nice'n'Easy Color Blend Foam...

In addition, the five mystery-product testers will receive a theirs-to-keep video camera with which to document and share every step of their experience. Sweet bonus, yes?

Qualify to be selected simply by completing this short survey here. If you're one of the final five, you'll be contacted with all the details during the week of January 27th.

If you don't make the vlog five and you think five's not a big enough number, you'll be more impressed with the much, much bigger number of giveaways Clairol will be offering via their Facebook page from January 24th to 27th, 2011. Visit right away, "like," and go back on Jan 24 for another chance at a -- for now -- mystery.

* Applicable to Canadian residents, 18 years and older, excluding Quebec. For the full details on contest rules, click here.