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Lose & Win: Issues Another National Reward-Based Challenge

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Caroline Walker_then and now_X-Weighted.com_2010

"You can buy my pound of flesh" was my favourite saying back in my losing-weight days at Canadian Living Magazine. A group of editorial staffers had decided to up our losing stakes by contributing to a pool of cash that would reward our most successful member at the end of each two-week period. I have no shame over finding motivation in money when it comes to trimming down; I won twice in a row. -- yes, from the get-fit show "X-Weighted" -- offers similar motivation to Canadians determined to improve their health starting now.

More valuable than prizing is the wealth of expert fitness, nutritional, wellness and motivational support available to participants across the country, as well as community support via shared stories and photographs throughout the 26-week programme.

Sign up for free, and record your current weight and measurements to receive a healthy weight-loss goal. Achieve it in six months and you qualify to win one of three grand prizes (awarded July 16, 2011). You'll also have weekly chances to win smaller prizes along the way.

Last year, more than 4,500 Canadians took part in the first National Challenge. Calgary's Caroline Walker (above), a Grand Prize winner, trimmed down by 75 lbs. Read her story here. (Congratulations, Caroline!)

Get more details via Today is actually the first day of this year's National Challenge programme -- and the first day of the rest of your healthier life.

As for me, stay tuned.