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Hands On: Scrubby Shower Gloves to Silence *itchy Dry-Weather Skin

exfoliating shower gloves, body scrubber, winter skincare
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exfoliating bath mitts and scrubber

If your winter-hating skin is as pissed at you as mine is at me, tell it to talk to the hand. The scrubby, exfoliating hand inside a shower glove like these.

At $5 or less per pair from The Body Shop, Life Brand at Shoppers Drug Mart, Urban Spa at, or CleanLogic from Pharmaplus, these are inexpensive alternatives to the Dermalogica Ultimate Buffing Cloth (which rocks for endurance and the length that allows you to grab each end and work that side-to-side-motion back scrub -- unless you're a dork and cut it in half like I foolishly did).

The CleanLogic Exfoliating Body Scrubber also seems like something guys might kinda like (although when I geeked out over the idea in a Pharmaplus, my friend Janice couldn't stop laughing at my funny enthusiasm *grin*).

Of course there are loofah options too, but I like these nylon thingies for shower-gel use because they're easy to rinse and let dry between stall sessions. Skin would be livid at a mouldy scrub-thing.