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winter-dehydrated and totally peeved, my skin sounds off and tells me what it needs
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Winter fixes for dry, neglected skin

Winter fixes for dry, neglected skin

My skin's been cranky for a couple of days, annoyed that I've not dropped everything to do what it demands. It's so peeved it actually hijacked this post:

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No offense, but there are more important things than lipstick and the latest actress with a nice complexion. What about me, damnit? Yes, me! Oh, you've been too busy to notice it's effing winter, the driest damn time of the year? What-freaking-ever. I've certainly had time to figure it out, what with all the itching and feeling like I'm about to crack. I'm even starting to rustle like the tissue paper you have to recycle every day.

Used to be you took care of me. You'd wake me up with that blue scrubby Dermalogica thing you keep in the shower, buffing away rough patches while sudsing up with some nice citrussy body wash. I like that creamy Weleda sea buckthorn stuff you geeked out about when you got it. Stop saving it and use it already!

And I think it's about time you busted out those body oils we like, too. I need them within three minutes of patting off post shower, remember? I dig that Burt's Bees Lemon & Vitamin E Bath & Body Oil you tried the other day while sitting on the couch. It smells so nice, and its wheatgerm and sweet almond oils will keep me from getting thirsty so fast. Next time could you not leave it in the living room when we have to get ready to go someplace?

Also totally into that Linden Leaves body oil, the on called In Love Again, with the sweet almond, apricot kernel, cedarwood and orange oils. Oh, and that Weleda Sea Buckthorn Oil -- all those antioxidants and essential fatty acids, plus that golden tint it leaves... I miss it. You need to keep that near the shower, maybe on the tile floor beside the tub to keep the glass bottle safe.

I'm so thirsty now that you probably have to follow up the body-oil application with body lotion. Something unscented, and it can be light because you'll have already used the body oil. Or you can mix it with the body oil, genius.

Listen, you take care of me, and I'll take care of you. Remember that time you left a Biotherm event all moisturized up and felt warmer than when you went in? That was me baby -- I can keep you warmer when you keep me well conditioned.

Freaking get on it. We've still got a lotta winter to go.

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Well, I've been told.

Dermalogica, at select salons and spas; Weleda, at; Burt's Bees, at drugstores and; Linden Leaves, at The Bay;