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F is for Fit-Spiration: A Simple Routine and a Self-Regard Resolution

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I was twitchy at the taping of this simple, fairly short, yet intense workout designed exclusively for The Kit by Urbanfitt Studio trainer and founder Jane Clapp. My body kept trying to follow Jane's moves. It especially wanted to do the face-down towel pass (around 4:07), which helps to undo the I've-been-sitting-in-front-of-my-computer-all-day shoulder hunch. I'll do that exercise many times when I clear enough floor space.

I haven't got into any resolution talk so far -- I'm so freaking over the word. That said, there is one many of us could think about: learning to love ourselves exactly as we are this minute.

Okay, Staff's groaning and muttering about that last statement being cheesy, but whatevs. Like she's so happy with her life.

How many of us stress out about things we don't like about our physiques? Beat ourselves up for various missteps or perceived failings? Mis-manage our dietary intake? Deprive ourselves of sleep/downtime/healthy activity...? We'd never treat anyone else that way, especially not someone we love. Right?

So, if the above hits close to home for any of us (who, me?), our mission is to appreciate and treat ourselves as we do our favourite people. Better self-regard should make working toward better health -- and therefore better body, better skin, better hair, better self-esteem, better happy -- easier, right? A labour of love, per se?

According to fitness expert Tosca Reno, "Exercise is never punishment; it's always the reward I'm giving to myself. It's how I take care of me every single day." Huh.

Okay, Staff may have a bit of a point about this post hitting the preachy mark. I'm done.

After I treat us to green tea, I'll clear some space. Or bribe Staff to do it. *grin*

Video by Amy Gottung and directed by Fit Kit editor Erinn Steringa for The Kit.