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Easy Off: Glitter-Polish Removal Tips

The "foil method" of nail colour removal works for glitter polish and soak-off gel manicures
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To many, glitter is the herpes of cosmetics. Wear it once and years later it'll pop up at the worst possible time in the oddest of places.

That observation by makeup pro Diana Carreiro amuses me every time I repeat it. And if you've got into the glitter, you know it's true. The stuff's hard to get clean off. It's also a pain to remove from your nails, as you're about to find out post New-Year glitter mani.

Luckily, our nail guru, Leeanne Colley of Tips Nail Bar, has a make-it-easier approach. Sometimes called the "foil method," it requires polish remover, cotton pads or cotton balls, and ten smallish segments of tin foil.

1) Soak cotton in nail polish remover.
2) Position the soaked cotton against the surface of the nail.
3) Wrap a piece of tin foil around your fingertip, thimble-like, to keep the cotton in place.
4) After three or four minutes, press down on the nail and wiggle the foil-wrapped cotton off your finger.
5) Remove any leftover residue with a freshly soaked cotton ball or pad.

Presto! Glitter begone.

You can also use the foil method to remove soak-off gel manicures such as CND Shellac, Entity and Gelish. You'll just need a bit longer between application and removal, and a cuticle pusher to push any old gel off the nail surface. It won't work with Axxium unless you lightly buff the top coat with a nail file first. Then the Axxium colour underneath will be ready for foil-method removal.

UPDATE: The foil method is best attempted using pure acetone -- it's faster. Plus acetone blends that contain fragrance and colourants may irritate your skin like they did mine.