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Happy 2011: Queen Latifah's Ultimate Feel-Great Secret

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Thanks to a bit of Twitter luck, BeautyGeeks snagged an opportunity to ask Queen Latifah something in 140 characters or less. In an uncharacteristically enthusiastic move, Staff, a keen admirer of the Academy Award-nominated actress and Grammy-winning singer, tweeted back. Here, her over-hyphenated question, and Queen Latifah's via-email answer:

Staff: What's your never-fails look-and-feel-great secret?

Queen Latifah: My ultimate feel-great secret is that I never lose sight of the fact that true beauty comes from within, and that's what really defines who we are. In everything I do, I always try to stay true to who I am and always remind myself what's important or what's real. You can see it in my music, movies, and even in my role as a CoverGirl. ...I truly believe every woman has the power to feel and be beautiful.

My never-fails look is to just look like yourself, enhance your features and pick the right products to achieve an effortless look.

For Queen, Outlast All-Day Lipcolor and Eyelights Mascara are her effortless-beauty favourites. Staff whined about needing more beauty samples instead of sharing her must-have lineup -- that's her staying true to who she is. *grin* My own list includes concealer, blot powder, lash curler, waterproof liner, mascara, blush and lip-something -- I'm definitely not a one-item-on-a-desert-island girl. But that's an over-hyphenated subject for another post.

As for beauty from within, of course we're all on board. And, really, sometimes a new hair colour, delicious lipstick shade or fabulous mani makes remembering that easier.

Here's to a beautiful new year.

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