F is for Finger-Tips Wave: An OPI Axxium Empty-Moon Bye-Bye to 2010


No doubt OPI Axxium Gel has had the biggest beauty impact on my life in 2010. It started with FASHION Magazine beauty director Lesa Hannah giving me the scoop on a "dry manicure" at Tips Nail Bar & Spa.

Creative Nail Design's Shellac was coming, and Minx had just hit, as had the realization that in the last while, nail adornment had become the new lipstick. So I pitched a nail-trends story to Metro News, and went off to Tips to interview owner Leeanne Colley for it when I got the nod. I'd planned on trying that dry mani Lesa'd been raving about, but when I saw Leeanne's groomed glossy nails, I had to know how she could maintain such perfection in her line of work. "OPI Axxium," she said. And that was it.

I'm starting 2011 with an empty half-moon Axxium mani in Big Apple Red, courtesy of the amazing Leeanne (did you see her gorgeous nail story in glow Magazine?). The empty-moon manicure is growing in popularity here (FASHION mag's Features Editor Rani Sheen had a killer version with Chanel Rouge Noir at Tips yesterday), and is, according to Brenda Nunes, another Tips client, everywhere in Portugal and London.


But I remember this very look from my Grade 13 religion class at St. Robert High School in Thornhill, in -- let's just say sometime back in years. Helene Royes, the Dean of Religious Studies, rocked cherry red nails with a bare half moon. I'm just tickled.

Tickled seems to be a good way to end a year and start a new, yes?

Photo taken via Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate.