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Video Lesson: Winged Liner with Pencil + Gel Liners

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winged liner with pencil and gel liners_beautygeeks

I'm not obsessed with winged liner. *grin* I just thought this trace-the-path-first approach by Eddie Malter might be helpful for anyone wanting a stronger, classic winged-liner finish than the one I posted earlier this week.

Here, Eddie, Official Makeup Artist of L'Oréal Paris, is backstage at LG Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2011 shows. For this look, his tools included the Wear Infinity Quad in 814 Earthscape ($10.25 at, one of his staples for neutral eyes and brows of all shades; a dark brown eye pencil; Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner ($11.25 at; and L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Millions Mascara ($10.15 at

Eddie's tips for liquid or gel liner success:
1) Place a mirror on a table below your chin. Tilt your head only slightly -- you want to direct your gaze down, not your face, so you can see your lids.

2) Use a pencil along the lashlines first to give you something to trace over with liquid or gel liner.

3) As per Eddie's move in the video, start your liner just above the outside corner of your eyes to achieve the up-swing, rather than the droopy wing that can result from going from inner corner to out.

False lashes at the outer corners of your eyes will up the wing factor, of course. Give this lash-attach tutorial a try if you're afeared of falsies.

If you're thinking shindig beauty, shimmery eye shadow would boost the party profile of this eye makeup. Try Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten, or L'Oréal Paris Wear Infinity in Morning Star. As for the lasting power of Maybelline's gel liner, I've had great reports for the most part, but a couple of not-so-goods from some with oily lids. An eyelid primer before shadow will help with that.

So, are you going with lips, liner or sparkle for New Year's?