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Video Lesson: Easy Dramatic Eyes That Don't Look Sooo 1980s

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Baby_Smoky Eyes for The Body Shop

Dramatic eye makeup can so easily hit that 80s paint-by-numbers look -- GAH. That's dated, and aging. And avoidable. The following three tips are key for easy dramatic eyes that look totally modern.

three tips for modern, easy dramatic eyes

1) Don't combine more than one bold colour unless you're going to a retro costume party.

2) You need less effort and makeup than you think for easy dramatic eyes. Too much = another GAH. (The vid below shows a much more youthful and fresh way to do drama with pale pink, silver and black.)

3) "Don't go too contour-y" in the crease, says Chase Aston, International Makeup Artist and Spokesperson for The Body Shop. A defined contour screams 1980s and adds years to the face. Double GAH.

Below, Chase demos a fresh take on easy dramatic eyes for Spring, using The Body Shop's Brush with Fashion collection which is due in March 2011. I know, March is far away. But the whole look (the vid shows cheeks and lips as well) strikes me as easily adaptable for New Year's Eve, too (maybe with a little sparkle?).

Again, The Body Shop's A La Mode palette ($24 including mini pencil and brush as seen above) isn't in stores until March 2011. But shimmery pale pink, silver and matte black can be had from drugstore brands such as CoverGirl, Revlon, L'Oréal Paris and Annabelle. And the technique works with any palette, really. If you don't already have an illuminator, try Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Natural Highlighter ($13, Shoppers Drug Mart), a light, easy-blend formula.

Also not in stores until March is The Body Shop's Tailored Cheek Tint ($15.50), which turns to your-right-flush on contact with the skin. Chase uses it in the video. But if you're a beauty geek, you already know about Smashbox O Glow Intuitive Cheek Colour ($34, Shoppers Beauty Boutiques and Sephora). A light sweep of a soft pink cream blush will do the trick as well, of course. Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Sheerest Cream Blush ($14, Shoppers Drug Mart) is a good one to try; it's really sheer and shimmer free.

As for pink and peachy lip, I bet you already have that covered, right?

Special thanks to model Adrianne Ho, whose playfulness makes this one of my favourite little videos ever. Love.