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Video Lesson: All-Ages Winged Liner + Sparkle (Plus a Dab of K-Y Jelly?)

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New Year's Eve Glitter Eyes

"This is the one time of year any age from 16 to 60 can wear a bit of sparkle on the eyes or cheeks and not be judged by their peers," insists Chase Aston, International Makeup Artist for The Body Shop. But New Year's Eve or not, sparkle or glitter can too easily stray from festive to, well, this.

Below, Chase shows that a dab of sparkle is enough to catch the party light. Bonus: his liner technique is the easiest route to winged liner ever.

The Basics:intense black eye pencil, black eye shadow, a small eye shadow brush, sparkly liquid liner, moisturizing face mist, and a pot of glitter. (Pre-liner, Chase applied a cream shadow base from lashlines to brow, then a pink shimmery shadow all over the lid).

The Liner: blending a line of black eye shadow over a line of black pencil is a no-precision-required alternative to liquid, and longer lasting, too, according to Chase. He tops it with a glittery silver liquid liner; going with black instead would give it a more distinct winged-liner finish. (That's for you, Lindsay!)

The Sparkle: Tip a bit of loose glitter into a tissue so you can access it easily with your brush. Close your eyes and spritz your whole face with Vitamin E Face Mist. Immediately spritz your eye shadow brush, press it into the glitter, then press it against the outer part of the lid as per the vid below.

The Leftovers: Make sparkly nail polish with the leftover glitter in the tissue, says Chase. Use an inexpensive clear polish; just dip the polish brush into the glitter before you apply the lacquer to your nails.

Unexpected Tip of the Year: "If you have sensitive eyes and you're a bit worried about applying glitter, try K-Y Jelly," says Chase. "It's water soluble and for super-sensitive areas -- just smooth a tiny bit on your lids to help the glitter adhere." He also says it's a non-greasy, lightweight alternative to hair gel. "Smooth it over slicked-back hair for a serious glass-glazed effect," he suggests. "Use a blush brush to sweep on a little glitter, and when you're finished partying, just flip your head over and brush it all out -- no residue left in the hair."

I'd love to know how these tips work for you -- especially the last two. *grin*

Neither the limited-edition palette nor eye sparkle Chase used appears on The Body Shop Canadian website. Any black shadow will do, of course; for glitter liner, try Lise Watier Eye Glitter.