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As Seen on TV: BeautyGeeks Talks Stocking Stuffers on Breakfast Television

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stockings for the whole family

I had an early morning today, at the "Breakfast Television" studio to share last-minute stocking-stuffer tips with Jennifer Valentyne. Definitely fun. But more fun than that were the answers that came last night in answer to a "define stocking stuffer" query I floated via Facebook and Twitter.

Opinions on what should stuff a good stocking vary from @JuliaPJMcEwen's "gifts under 6" length and 2.5" wide; each one must be under $20," to @JennWasley's "if it fits, it gifts," and @LizaHerz's "diamond earrings." (Julia, I think you need to get bigger stockings.)

Nick Muehlen got smart -- he thought -- and suggested car keys. Nowhere in my book of stocking rules does it say he has to get the car, too. I'm just saying.

Lisa Hall loves the mix of guilty pleasures she doesn't buy (Aveda hair care), and the mundane (deodorant and a toothbrush, with a side of whimsical socks). @RobynBaldwin is all over expensive toiletries and gourmet treats; @cocolowecoco keeps it simple with "anything miniature or edible."

Nail polish, elastics, pins and gum made @KFlemming's list; hand sanitizers made the overall "we like" cut, as did chocolate, natch. Even egg cookers featured in Michelle Kwan's answer. @powdernpaint likes to elicit a good chuckle, and @PlaidMagazine is about efficiency with "anything too awkwardly shaped to wrap." Of course, my parents wrapped gourds for our stockings.

I do wish there'd been time in this clip to get into more of the great answers I got via Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks so much to everyone who shared. And happy holidays!

Sorry the volume's borked. It's like that on the BT website. Sheesh.