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Cranky Beauty Pants: Christina, Nein!

US actress and singer Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is working hard to promote her Golden Globe-nominated movie Burlesque. No judgement on the Golden Globe process.

In this shot, she's on the red carpet in Berlin. You're in Germany but do you have to interpret the style so literally, Christina? Isn't this just a German stereotype? German readers -- does this endear her to you? Do you really like the Hoff or is that another stereotype?

Beauty blog, right. She should have really committed and paired this hair with sexy leiderhosen, or stayed away from the fraulein look altogether. If you must go fraulein, please do not do it in a way that looks like Britney's weave on a bad day. I'm not sure what a good version looks like - maybe this. At least it's finished.

That said, her face looks pretty. Okay, maybe a little softer on the eyeliner? At any rate, she looks like she's eating post-divorce announcement. I guess you're really one way or the other, a break-up eater or a break-up starver. It kind of makes me like her.

Photo courtesy of ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images via