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Postcard from Jamaica: Teen Idol (and How to Avoid Pool-Green Blonde Hair)

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Jamaica_scuba instructor

It's just like a teen movie of the week, or maybe "Falcon Beach," which, perhaps surprisingly, I've never watched. The Iberostar Rose Hall is complete with a set-their-young-hearts-aflutter teen-esque scuba instructor to encourage the youth to sign up for classes or excursions. He stepped out onto the pool deck and was immediately set upon by young women.

Wonder if Mr. Teen Blond needs a shampoo to get chlorine-green out of his sunbleached white-blond hair? If he does, I'd recommend Renew Clarifying Shampoo from Canadian brand AG. Or staying out of the pool since there's a big pretty ocean (which is warmer than the pool) just steps away.

While I'm pretty sure Mr. Teen Blond is indeed a scuba instructor, I have no idea whether he's really a teen, or whether his role is as contrived as to encourage progamme involvement. It's all speculation on my part. I didn't even ask his name. I happen to like my version of what-might-be. *grin*

Photo snapped on a Fujifilm Finepix F80 EXR camera.