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Party Pins: Skirt the Pantyhose Issue

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As reader Jennifer says, "'tis the season of skirts for dressing up." Not an issue if you live in a warm climate, but in our wintery weather, skirts lead to thoughts of leg wear -- only the brave flash gleaming bare limbs this blustery time of year.

But when it comes to nylons, few of us are really fans. Jennifer, for one, has had it with runs, and wants tips on either run-resistant hose or alternatives.

Stylist Tammy Eckenswiller, who has worked with Heidi Klum, Diane Kruger and Rhianna, says to go with solid black tights. But if you're stuck on pantyhose, "there is no easy answer for runs, but pricier brands like Wolford, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein tend to last longer," she says. "Another option is to buy several inexpensive pairs and keep a backup in your bag just in case."

Afiya Francisco, who has shared her style advice via "Breakfast Television," "CityLine" and "Entertainment Tonight Canada," says the key to stronger hose or tights is the lycra content. "Around 15 per cent is ideal." She likes Wolford, too. "Great brand, but it isn't cheap," she says. "They have beautiful patterned options that I think are great for dressing up. The extra expense is worth it if you're looking to make a statement."

And of course, adds Eckenswiller, avoid rustic, wooden surfaces and make sure you're pedicured up to minimize snag attacks.

Tammy Eckenswiller is represented in Canada by the Plutino Group. Afiya Francisco can be found via, of which she is Creative Director.