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Stone Fox: Emma Stone's Makeup is Aces (and Maybe You've Heard, She's Blonde)

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Emma Stone blonde

The big news with Emma Stone yesterday was her return to blonde, her natural colour, for an upcoming role in the next Spiderman flick. And she's a beautiful blonde with killer bangs and a genius colourist who chose exactly the right hue to make her skintone look luminous.

Emma Stone Liner

But I'm all about this face. How hot does she look? This mod-esque eye, flushed cheek and sugar-sweet, nearly-bare lip makeup gives Stone an edgy, cool beauty different from her warm, quirky appeal as a redhead. Love.

That eye shadow wing is a lot like this, and a lot like this but with shadow instead of solid liner. Oooh! Know what would give you this winged gaze? Urban Decay eye primer; black, navy or dark grey liner; and the Stila Color Wheel (heck, it'll give you pretty much any look -- it's very smart, and a great deal for $50).


I've got to get this look on -- well, the makeup, anyway. Who's with me? Spiderman's mine, though. I've always loved that wisecrackin' guy.

Dear JustJared, what would I do without you? Limited edition Stila Color Wheel available at Sephora.