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Someplace That's Else: Gifts, Party Prettiness, Dyeing for Lashes, and Why Wait for New Year's?

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"Someplace that's else" is the phrase that made me fall hard for screenwriter/director/producer Joss Whedon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Quirky language play just gets me.) It's also where you'll find the following stuff-of-interest:

GIFTS To all you folks who have your holiday shopping already done: WHATever. Many of us have a couple more gifts to pick up, am I right? Get give-back-gifts inspiration from ChickAdvisor.

Hitting a number of holiday shindigs? Customize your hostess gift as per Gifted (who also compiled a great guide for The Kit).

For a mommy-to-be bestie, consider these delightful suggestions from Health&Swellness.

Suss out the unique in toys, accessories, crafts and food at Toronto's artisan fairs, which are listed on GoneToSwan.

If you're already wrapped up, add a charming touch with sweet gift cards via AtHomeWithKimVallée.

If you're still shopping and would rather have gifts sent already dressed in their seasonal finery, see how it's done at

PARTY PRETTY Two of the most popular party makeup approaches are still about sultry eyes or bold lips. If you're all about eyes, I've compiled a variety of smokey-eye looks and easy-do tips.

Red lips are an easy day-to-night switch-up, but I'm all over the season's prettiest alternative, as seen with the season's prettiest hair, too, via

I've been asked about eyelash tinting many times by pale-lashed women in search of a lush, sooty fringe. See to-dye-for results on lovely Lowe of Coco&Lowe.

WHY WAIT FOR NEW YEAR'S? I've been feeling the need for change for a long, long time, but am slow to get my move on. *shameface* So I have big admiration for my friend Ellen who's taking things in hand right now and out loud at Lipstick Powder n Paint.