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F is for Foodie: I Think I Need Sweet Potato Chronicles

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Sweet Potato Chronicles

I'm just back from a five-day trip and I'm hungry. There's not much in my fridge except some takeout (delivery, actually) from Saturday, which I've reheated but am wary of actually eating, although it smells all right. *sigh*

I used to cook, you know. And then I got kinda busy, and my work took over my apartment, and my stove broke a bit of time ago. I could still cook if I were so inclined -- I have a fab toaster oven large enough to fit a 12" pizza; it's genius for broiling fish, chicken, etc. But I've become used to keeping my food on the other end of the phone. And you know what? It's getting old.

In addition to spending far too much money, I'm not eating the healthiest stuff. (At least pizza has appeared at my door only three times in two years.) And it's doing some ruin to my wardrobe, and, frankly my self esteem. Something needs to change.

And Sweet Potato Chronicles popped into my head. A new site by former Fashion Magazine ed-in-chief (and current Health Kit editor for The Kit) Ceri Marsh and the mag's former beauty director Laura Keogh, SPC also features posts by the lovely Katherine Flemming. And it features food. Not just any food, but good food, healthy food, quick-recipe food, and must-know food for busy people who have families and other responsibilities taking up all their time.

It doesn't fit under the beauty-stuff's banner, per se, but eating well and finding ways to do so without stressing is part of feeling good, which is the biggest part of looking good. I think I need Sweet Potato Chronicles. Maybe you'll need a little too?

Ooh, I've remembered my Mum sent me home with food after my last visit, and there's some in my freezer!