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Video Lesson: How to Apply False Lashes

Video: how to apply false eyelashes demo. Celebrity makeup-artist tip: cut strip lashes into FOUR, not just two.
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FalseLashes_Beauty_image courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

"Omigod, they look so good," said a girl to her friend at Davisville station last week. "How did you get them on?"

"I think this one is a little crooked," answered the friend, gesturing toward her left eye. "They were really hard to get on straight. This one might fall off."

"I don't know how you do it," said the first girl. "I can't get those things on. I think I'll try the little flare kind, though. They look like they'll be easier."

I quickly piped up with a smart how to apply false lashes tip gleaned from celeb artist Melanie Inglessis: "Cut strip lashes in four; they're easier to position!" Both girls just looked at me. "It's a professional makeup artist trick. Really," I told them. And they just looked at me.

Okay, so some folks don't appreciate a random stranger butting in on their conversation about how to apply false lashes, no matter how helpful. But cutting a strip of lashes into more than just two pieces really does make the application more manageable. Makeup artist Chantal Hubens, who did the makeup for the first and second covers of The Kit, uses the same technique, and I bet many other pros do, too. Here's my own how to apply false lashes demo from The Kit'scurrent issue:

Note: some strip lashes work better with this cut-in-four approach than others. The Quo lashes I used in the video have a very thin strip base. I later tried the trick with a pair of Shu Uemura lashes with a much thicker, stiffer base; it was... trickier.

Let me know how you do, ’k? And definitely share your own neat tricks on how to apply false lashes. We need as many how-to tips we can get -- it's not like we're in the ’60s, when faux lashes were everyday wear and women had more time to perfect their technique.

Image for their new mascara False Lashes, launching December 26, courtesy of MAC Cosmetics. Video by Amy Gottung for