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Salon Do: Best Beachy-Hair Blowdry Ever

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I've been conditioned to expect "ingenue waves" when I request a wavy finish for my hair from salon stylists. Well, except for that one time I left a salon looking like I drive a 1970s Vista Cruiser station wagon with faux-wood panelling, and shampoo with Breck. But yesterday I had what immediately became one of my favourite salon-styled ’dos and realized beachy is a key word for me.

In casual, uncontrived beachy waves, I feel most like myself.

Most stylists, in response to "wavy, please," will either blowdry hair straight then put curls back in with a hot iron, or blowdry while using a round brush to shape large, loose curls. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a popular, pretty style, and it elicits compliments -- all good. (Except for that Breck-girl pouff, when the stylist went nuts with a bunch of round brushes. Not. Good.)

But this time, Redken artist and colorist Sean Godard of Salon Tocci in Liberty Village went with my natural texture rather than blow it out. He simply twirled my wet hair into tight ringlets, diffused it gently until it was about 85 per cent dry, then sent me on my merry way. And at my next appointment, I got compliments on the finished look.

Really, it's a better version of my usual wash/condition/rake-stuff-through-my-hair-and-get-out approach.

Given that I can twirl my own hair and happen to own a diffuser, this is an easy thing I can do at home if I feel like it. And I wouldn't have to wait the usual five hours for my hair to look decent. I should make the effort, yes? (We'll see. *grin*)

All Sean used in my hair before styling was Redken Nature's Rescue, a new collection of paraben-, sulfate- and silicone-free shampoo, conditioner and refresher sea spray. Designed for the healthy-haired consumer who wants more natural in her haircare formulas, the colour-safe trio contains soy protein, sea algae, and aloe vera, which provides extra conditioning. Look for it in Redken-stocked salons next month.

You can also get the look from Sally Hershberger's Mineral Spray. If you have hair less willing to do the beachy wave, throw in a helping of curl-enhancing mousse or gel, such as LaCoupe Perfect Curls, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted, or Redken Fresh Curls, all great texture helpers.

Image via Samsung GalaxyS Captivate.