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Hey Studs: Ke$ha's Brows at the AMAs

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Kesha at AMAs

Something about Ke$ha's brow enhancement at the American Music Awards last night made me want to put them on BeautyGeeks. Not because they're a top choice for brow-enhancement -- I prefer a stiff angled brush and Anna Sui brow powder (or a matte eye shadow) plus a little tinted brow gel -- but because something about the look is... interesting.

The singer has great natural brows under those studs. And simple makeup -- sheer foundation, black liner, false lashes, bronzer and gunmetal lips -- that lets her freckles show through.

Staff thinks the effect could go toward pretty if the studs were sparkles instead, or tiny crystals. A clubbing look, maybe.

I'm still puzzled. Maybe I just envy her natural brows?


Image borrowed from JustJared; visit the site for more.