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Compare & Contrast: Smokey Eyes on Elizabeth Hurley and Kristen Stewart

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Liz Hurley_Kirsten Stewart

Well, right off this isn't exactly a fair fight. Liz Hurley apparently had the flu when this photo was taken. That said, she's done this black-smoke eye before. And she looks better than the average dramatically made-up bear. Still, she should instead be doing a better-blended, less-contrast-y smokey eye à la Kristen Stewart, who works with Canadian artist Beau Nelson. Not only would shimmery brown be a less-harsh choice for Hurley, it would ramp up the intensity of her eye colour -- brown is the BFF-shade for blue eyes.

Kristin Stewart Smokey Eyes

This approach, another Nelson-Stewart look, is also one Hurley should consider. One, it's a more interesting use of colour, more modern. Two, the warm shades blended from the crease to just under the brow bone again keep the smoke from being too stark. And three, the softly defined, mid-tone brows provide a balanced framework -- thin dark brows are just too severe and aging.

What's your verdict?

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