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Rut-Buster: 7 Days, 7 Different Hair Looks

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Seven Days Seven Styles_MirrorMirror

I'm lucky with my hair's texture: I can wash, condition, throw in some curl-enhancing mousse or spray and go, and usually it looks all right at some point during the day. By virtue of its no-thought simplicity, my little-product, no-appliance approach has become my routine.

The short form of routine? Rut. *sigh*

Well, the rut isn't as deep now as it was yesterday. I caught this "Seven Days, Seven Looks" segment on a US program called "Mirror/Mirror," on the Live Well Network, and liked the concept: how to get a different look each day by building on the look from the day before.

Sure the textured look (for which some natural wave is helpful) maybe could have turned out better, perhaps if less product been used. But you'll get the idea. Ideas. And maybe some inspiration.

Appropriate styling products depend on your hair type, of course. The suggested products in this vid are suitable for the featured model's dry, processed, wavy hair. If you have straight, not-so thick hair, you'll need more volumizing stuff, and if you've got really silky hair, you'll need mousse and hair spray to give your hair more texture. Best to chat with your stylist.

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