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Stomping Ground: Comfy Suede Boots

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Marks Black Suede Boots_$139.99

While we're on the subject of feet, mine are pretty happy in these comfortable black suede boots. I wore them for most of my LG Fashion Week standing around, and these days they're my go-to run-around boots too.

A darker, richer black than they seem in the photo and with more subtle seaming, they were a bit stiff in the foot box for the first couple of wearings (no resulting blisters, though), but have softened nicely without becoming misshapen. In terms of leg fit, they're right for my calves, which are about 15 inches around. An inset panel lets the suede stretch to about 17.5, but trying them on is the best measure of how they'll fit.

You'll find them at Marks for under $140.