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F is for Focus-on-lashes: Clumpy Mascara the Look at Joe Fresh SS2011

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Staff's getting tired of this "F is for..." thing. Says no-one gets that it's the BeautyGeeks Friday-post thang, so why bother? Because I like the challenge, I say. Staff has no sense of Fun.

So. Clumpy lashes. That's the look makeup pro Eddie Malter was trying to achieve for the Joe Fresh runway show this week when he realized the mascara he was using just wasn't going to get the deal done. Gel mascaras don't clump as easily as traditional wax formulas, it turns out (Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash is another gel-like mascara, fyi.). Perfect for the girl who likes 453 layers of mascara, but not-so-much when you have a limited amount of time to get models from your makeup chair to the runway.

Julie_Marilyn New York

To make the clump happen, Malter started with a layer of L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Millions Mascara brushed on top of Julie's upper lashes, as well as the underside. He then resorted to using L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara loaded onto the plastic handle of a disposable mascara wand. Note: these are all Julie's lashes; no falsies here.

Julie_Marilyn New York 4

The clumped-out lashes were clearly the focus; glowy skin was the backdrop. Malter had prepped Julie's complexion with primer, liquid foundation and powder. Once the lashes were done, he swept highlighter along her cheekbones and on browbones. Her lips he treated with clear balm.

Julie_Marilyn New York 6

I don't see this as a real-way look -- there's a reason everyone's making mascara that doesn't clump. But on the models, it looked pretty good. Like most everything does. Sheesh.

Models: Steph/Ford (top) and Julie/Marilyn NYC