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If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Sears Attitude, LG Fashion Week SS2011

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SPONSOREDOkay, so yes, it's a little weird that a retailer like Sears shows at Fashion Week. Stylist Alexis Honce speculates it's because the audience is made up of consumers as well as industry. Could be. Whatever the reason, the Attitude brand had folks buzzing last season because they put on an unexpectedly good show. I'm not sure the style promise the line showed on the runway has filtered through to store level -- there ought to be more fanfare in the retail display, more careful merchandising. But that's another story. Fact is, Sears Attitude put on another good show this year, and yeah, if I were skinny, I'd wear sumathat.

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I'd actually wear lots more from the line -- here have a look at the rest.

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