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Dining with Dash: How to Look Glamorous While Eating an Onion Ring

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Can we even talk about onion rings on a beauty blog? What about bbq'd ribs? Fried dim sum dumpings?

Hole-in-the-wall dining can be a huge problem if you want to look chic while consuming a side of baby back ribs and go home without your favourite blouse smelling like a smoke house. Some of our best-loved joints (I'm looking at you, Stockyards) leave a lingering reminder of your meal in your clothes and hair.

Do you dress down? What if it's a date? And sending something to the drycleaners after only one meal gets stupid-expensive really fast.


You could forego nice clothes entirely and wear a disposable Tyvek paper jumpsuit from Home Depot, the ones sold for painting the house. Practical, yes! Stylish? Um, no.

A much better solution: run to your nearest Walmart and check out the newly revamped George clothing line. After passing out from shock ($29 peeptoe booties! $14 jeans!), scoop up this Little Black Dress for only $20.


Not only is a dress an entire outfit in one piece, which means fewer items to launder afterwards, what could be more alluring to your dinner companion than a woman in an LBD chowing down on a pulled pork sandwich? Your date will be hopelessly, helplessly in love by dessert.

And this LBD from George (did we mention it's only $20?) is made from a rayon/poly blend that you can wash yourself. Admittedly, it doesn't look like much on the page (it lacks "hanger appeal") but see those darts? That means it fits beautifully, hugging your curves -- which is pretty uncommon for something at that price point. So curvy or reed-like, this dress flatters a variety of body types.

Dress it up (Audrey, above, likes pearls, a tiara, and opera-length gloves) or go streamlined and modern, with an oversized bangle or two and chunky platforms. At only $20, you can buy two dresses and still afford dinner.


A quick citrus-y blast of TRESemme Fresh Start Refreshing Mist ($6.50, drugstores) solves the issue of fry-basket-y hair and you're home free.

Even if you don't like bbq joints you should still buy this dress for its beauty, flexibility and stunningly low price.

But you should be eating lots of fried foods because they make your hair shiny.