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Denied: You're A Celeb? Sorry, Carmindy Isn't Available to do Your Makeup

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JanineFalcon and Carmindy

She might think Kate Hudson is the epitome of fresh, natural beauty, and that Elle McPherson is epic, but if either of them were to try to book Carmindy for makeup -- Not. Gonna. Happen. "Hellz, no!" the NYC-based "What Not to Wear" artist exclaims with a laugh. "A celebrity tried to book me just recently, but I declined. It would dilute my brand."

Since "WNTW" debuted about eight years ago, Carmindy has released three books and a drugstore-accessible cosmetics line, and made a name for herself as the makeup artist for everyday women. "When a woman walks in and she's lost 100 lbs and she's at a crossroads and doesn't know which way to go, sitting down with her and teaching her how to celebrate her beauty and watching her just transform into a flower and go forward in her life in a positive way -- that is rewarding," she told me the last time we spoke.

The big news for Canadians is that Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy is finally available here, thanks in part to a call from Carmindy's agent to Coty Canada (Coty US was apparently frustratingly slow to react to Canadian demand). On October 14th, at 9 am, 12 pm, 5 pm and 10 pm EST, Carmindy will launch four TSC-exclusive makeup kits on The Shopping Channel (as well as how-to video tips); at the end of this month, a slightly edited selection of the line will be available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Of the brand's Forever Stay Eye Pencils, only Deep Black, Chocolate Brown and Deep Jade are available -- Pure Plum and Blue Indigo didn't make the initial Canadian cut. (Quick Carmindy tip: If you want to wear coloured liner, go for deep shades: "Jewel tones are universally flattering.") The 21-shade lipstick line-up didn't cross the border either. "Apparently, there wasn't space in the plan-o-gram," explains Carmindy.

What is coming, however, will keep fans happy for some time. Easy-wear eye shadow trios, natural-finish foundations, gorgeous blushes and moisturizing lip glosses made the Canada cut, as did her mascara, popular brightening primer and the aforementioned Forever Stay Eye Pencils, which she modelled after her favourite Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes liners.

In terms of expanding the collection, Carmindy says she's hoping to working on a number of projects, such as "spray bronzers, a unique eyeliner, a body product." She's also thinking about lip crayons, lipstains and false eyelashes. "I'm dying to do a line of lashes. I always take my eyelashes and snip them in half and use the smaller side to put on the outer corners. I want to do a line that's self-adhesive so you just pull off a strip and put it on."

Let's hope by then there's more space in the Shoppers Drug Mart plan-o-gram. And we're not all celebs.