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F is for Fiery: Flame-Haired Christina Hendricks Rocks Red Lips for Flare

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Nov 2010 Flare cover cropped

I am not obsessed with redheads wearing red lipstick.

Oh who'm I kidding. Yes, yes, I want to be a redhead who rocks red lips like Christina Hendricks, who's been a poster-goddess for the look since "Mad Men" started, I'm pretty sure. I say "I'm pretty sure" because I missed the first ep and am, as a result, four seasons behind.

Nov. Flare cover

I sure hope that red-haired "Steven and Chris" audience member at least sees this cover of Flare’s November issue so she knows that yes, she can too wear red lipstick. Like a red-hot siren.

Also, that ring is killer.

Image courtesy of Flare magazine.